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Welcome to the official homepage of Everyday Genius: SquareLogic!

What is SquareLogic?

Everyday Genius: SquareLogic is a logic-based puzzle game involving colored cages and numbers. The game includes over 20,000 puzzles in 18 different styles, ranging from first-grade easy to astrophysicist hard.

With over 5,000 hours of gameplay, SquareLogic is one of the largest puzzle games ever produced, and with advanced puzzles that take hundreds of moves to solve, it is also one of the deepest. Once you get hooked, it'll knock yer socks off - we promise*.

SquareLogic is designed and developed by TrueThought, and published by MumboJumbo.

SquareLogic is rated "E" for Everyone, and is fun for players of all ages. Family Gamer Online ( calls it:

  • "the next generation of puzzle games"
  • "a very addictive puzzler that will make you use your brain to win"
  • "well worth your gaming dollars"

SquareLogic was named Best of 2009 by GameZebo! Read their review here:

  • "sublime"
  • "a phenomenal game"
  • "hauntingly beautiful"
  • "quite ingenious"

Where can I get it?

Everyday Genius: SquareLogic is available NOW for purchase (or Free demo play!) from numerous online websites and services, including:

  • Steam (by Valve Software, makers of Half-Life and Counter-Strike)
  • MumboJumbo (publisher of popular casual games including Luxor, 7 Wonders, Samantha Swift, and Midnight Mysteries)

SquareLogic will also be released in a boxed version in February, 2010 at participating retail stores and online retailers including:

For its initial launch, SquareLogic requires Windows (XP, Vista, or Windows 7) to run. Look for the game to appear on other platforms (iPhone, Mac, and others) in the near future!

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What is the game like?

SquareLogic is similar to number-based logic games such as Sudoku, but you'd best buckle up 'cause this ain't your daddy's Sudoku.

Here's a brief summary of how the game works (explained in more detail in-game):

  • Your goal is to solve the puzzle by filling each square in the board with a number.

  • No number can appear twice in the same row or column.
  • Each board is divided into differently-colored "cages".
  • Each cage shows a "rule" in the top-left corner (such as 9+, 12x, or Odd).
  • The answers for the squares in each cage must satisfy the rule. For example:
    • A rule of 9+ means the squares in that cage must add up to 9.
    • A rule of 12x means the squares in that cage must multiply together to equal 12.
    • A rule of 1- means the two squares in that cage must subtract (in any order) to equal 1.
    • A rule of means the two squares must divide evenly (in any order) to equal 2.
    • A rule of 3= means that is a single-square cage whose value must be 3.
    • A rule of Even means that all squares in this cage must have odd values (2, 4, 6, or 8).
    • A rule of Odd means that all squares in this cage must have odd values (1, 3, 5, 7, or 9).
    • A rule of Straight means that all squares in this cage must form a "straight" (like poker), IN ANY ORDER (for example: 4,3,5).
    • A rule of <,> (or the "comparison" rule) means that all squares in this cage show greater-than/less-than signs to indicate their size relative to each other.
    • Note that all cage rules - especially Subtraction, Division, and Straight - can function in any order.
  • At the bottom of each square are the possible Candidate numbers for that square.
  • To enter a number into a square, left-click on a Candidate or press a number key.
  • To eliminate a Candidate, right-click it to toggle it as "impossible". On larger puzzles, this is VERY USEFUL.
  • Some puzzles are Double Board puzzles; for these puzzles, both boards have the same answers, and you solve them both simultaneously!

  • Other puzzles have Hidden Cages; you have to discern where the cages must go and paint in their colors as you solve the puzzle. Our favorite mode!

Supercool Features

Most people will say that puzzle games are not real games and people who play puzzle games are not real gamers. In fact puzzle games are the foundation of the gaming industry, so for some people to dismiss them and deem them unimportant baffles us.

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SquareLogic has all kinds of neat stuff, so give the Free Demo a spin and try it out!

By "neat stuff" we mean:

  • Over 20,000 puzzles, each one unique
  • 18 different styles of puzzles
  • 6 different puzzle sizes, from 4x4 up to and including 9x9!
  • Each puzzle is guaranteed to be solvable, and have only one possible solution!
  • Each puzzle is guaranteed to be solvable WITHOUT GUESSING!
  • Detailed statistics tracking, in case you get curious about how you play
  • 24 different Achievements for accomplishing goals within the game
  • A lush, relaxing ambient soundscape that immerses you in each of the regions you visit (Ocean, Canyon, Forest, Mountain, Sky)
  • A built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that knows how to solve ANY puzzle and can help you along your way
  • A hint system that truly gives you HINTS, without simply telling you the answer right away
  • Quit-At-Any-Time, allowing you to stop in the middle of ANY puzzle and resume later where you left off
  • For those who purchase the game online through Steam:
    • Extensive Stats (personal and global)
    • Achievements (personal and global)
    • Leaderboards
    • Automatic remote storage of your saved game, so you can play at work AND home and never lose your progress!
  • A surprise - everybody loves surprises!


A tutorial is available in-game that explains the basics of how to play.

If you choose not to do the tutorial (we recommend that you do), the instructor will provide dialogs to teach you new rules as you go.

Use the "Solving Tip" button

Be sure to use the Solving Tip button within the game if you get stuck or confused on any puzzle. Solving Tips never come right out and tell you the answer; they give you suggestions on which areas of the puzzle to consider, and will get more specific each time you press the button consecutively.

Basic controls

When playing a puzzle:

  • Left-click on a candidate (at the bottom of each square) to set that value in the square
  • Right-click on a candidate to mark it as being IMPOSSIBLE; with larger and more difficult boards, this is the most important move you make.
  • Click the "X" in the upper-right corner of a square to clear its value.

If you're into Hotkeys, we've got 'em:

  • Set a value: Press a number key
  • Toggle a candidate: Shift + number key
  • Clear a value: Delete, Backspace, Space Bar, or 0 (zero)
  • Undo/Redo: Control+Z and Control+Y, respectively
  • Toggle all of one candidate in a cage: Shift + Right-Click

*Well, not in any legal sense do we promise. But we dig it. And we think you will, too.

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